Mtic masterclass v/Ranald Sutherland

Dr. Ranald Sutherland has a Ph.d. in immunoassays and endocrinology from the Med school of Glasgow University.  He is an international manager with an outstanding track record in technology development and commercialization, licensing, alliance management and consulting.

Since 2004 Ranald has worked all over the world as an independent management consultant in areas as strategy, commercialization of technologies, due diligence on M&A’s and VC funding, business development and much more.

He will take us through the market trends and market drivers, including the point of care industry and molecular diagnostics – and include some considerations on the trends in the biomarker segment. He will describe the change in the business models in the industry as the consolidation has taken place – what changes “the game of the industry” and why? How do small companies get in touch with the big?  What are they prepared to pay for? What data is needed and how far do you need to take a proof of concept in order to get their attention?



Kl. 15.00  –  15.05 Velkommen v/Trine Winterø

Kl. 15.05  –  15.45 Ranald Sutherland

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Kl. 16.15  –  17.00 Ranald Sutherland

Kl. 17.00  –  17.05 Farvel og tak v/Trine Winterø

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Dato: Onsdag den 20. Januar 2010 kl. 15.00  –  17.30

Sted:  MTIC, Brendstrupgårdsvej 21 C, 8200  Århus Nord

Tilmelding: Senest onsdag den 13. januar 2010