Mtic mastercalss v/Patrik Dahlen

Patrik is educated in Finland; his first job in the US was in 1988 as project leader in Pharmacia Genetic Engineering. He went back to Finland for a couple of years as senior researcher and division head before going to the US again – this time as a general manager and later as director of an in vitro diagnostics division.

In 1999 he went to Perkin Elmer, and it is the experience he gained in this position which will be the focus of the upcoming Masterclass. In 2001 he became CEO of Bioimage in Denmark, after which he moved on to a position as CEO of Dako A/S, a company with 1,000 employees and over DKKb 1.6 in revenues. Apart from his global experience in medtech development, sales & marketing, he has worked under all forms of financing regimes; big corporate, venture, family owned, private equity owned, and now back in venture owned as CEO of Chempaq. Patrik is further Chair of the Board of Proxeon A/S in Odense.

Patrik will hold a Masterclass on “a strategic journey”. He will share with us how he took Perkin Elmer Inc.’s Life Sciences division from a diverse, relatively unknown life science business with sales at $135M in 1998 to one of the leading drug discovery tools and genetic screening businesses with a world known brand and reputation, and pro forma sales of about $500M in 2001. What are the considerations and actions behind such a transformation? Which strategic choices are needed, and how do you decide on what to go for? How do you find and segment your markets during such strategy? How do you outline the process and make sure you make the right decisions? Patrik will use examples from business cases that he has worked on during his career.



15:00  –  15:05 Welcome by Trine Winterø

15:05  –  15:45 Patrik Dahlen

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16:15  –  17:00 Patrik Dahlen

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Date: Tuesday 2nd March 2010 at 15:00  –  17:30

Place:  MTIC, Brendstrupgaardsvej 21 C, 8200  Aarhus Nord

Enrollment: Tuesday 23rd February 2010