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"Our professional expertise combined with the businesses knowledge and MTICs project management has been a strong alliance.”

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Congratulations from MTIC to Visikon

Visikon was with "Mit Forløb" (My Treatment) nominated in 2 out of 4 categories at IT Award 2014 and won them both.


Visikon works in the field encompassing creative, visual communication and technological, clinical and health care knowledge and research. With "Mit Forløb", Visikon has created a digital platform for patients who are about to go into hospital for treatment.


"Mit Forløb" is based on visual communication in the form of easily understandable animations and illustrations developed in close cooperation with medical experts. In addition, " Mit Forløb" also includes training programmes, an interactive diary and the hospitals own comments on the specific treatment. up clinical work.


 "Mit Forløb" is aimed at patients and their relatives and is intended to help hospitals save money but also increase patient satisfaction by:

  •  Making patients feel secure with their treatment by reducing anxiety, resulting in fewer patient visits to the departments.
  • Encouraging patients and relatives to perform some of the activities themselves, supporting shorter admissions in relation to certain courses of treatment and supporting rehabilitation in the patient's own home.
  • Improving communication between medical staff and patients.


I am in no doubt that the work on our communication platform supported by MedTech has been decisive in helping us get the project accepted. In addition to all the other support you have given us in terms of professional and targeted sparring.Anders Nejsum, Partner, CEO  - Visikon ApS


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