Head of Business and City Development, City of Aarhus
Jan Beyer Schmidt-Sørensen

“With its access to business development, expertise in the bio- and medtech sector, international network of specialists and experts, MTIC is an important strategic partner for the City of Aarhus, when turning the many ideas and project into tomorrow’s concrete health technology solutions for the benefit of our citizens and employees”.

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Work experience that benefits both parties

On the Engineering Diploma course at Aarhus University School of Engineering, the fifth semester of a five-month work experience period is spent in either a public or private company. The aim is to give students a good understanding of the work and market conditions in an enterprise. It also gives students the opportunity to develop good working habits and cooperation skills as well as a sense of continuity through direct involvement in engineering tasks. It also encourages students to adopt an engineering attitude to courses and project­ work in the subsequent part of the training.


 We have a number of people in work experience at MTIC; most recently, Matilde Grøndal, who has primarily been involved with MTIC's work at Horsens Hospital.


"My work experience period at MTIC and the innovation unit at Horsens has been really exciting and I have learned a lot. Before I began work experience, I expected to become involved in relevant projects and learn about how projects are established and implemented in the healthcare sector and how collaboration works between the various actors in the field.  All of my expectations have been fulfilled.


I have learned a lot about innovation projects and the OPI collaboration. I have also leaned a lot about what works but also about the challenges that are thrown up when different actors have to collaborate to achieve solutions for the healthcare system. I have been involved in a number of different projects, worked independently and in teams and have also had my own abilities challenged. This has given me a lot of experience which I can use in my further studies and working life. The work experience has certainly made me better equipped for the labour market at the end of my course,says Matilde Grøndal


 Gitte Kjeldsen/MTIC: ”Taking work experience students on also gives some employers fresh input and new angles on their work. Matilde has been involved in four projects and her knowledge, skills and interest have contributed to them all. It is also advantageous for MTIC, although one must also be prepared to invest time and interest in the activities of work experience students".

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